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Root Intrusion

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Root Intrusion Creates Major Blockage in your Drain Line.

The Root of the Problem

Did you know that roots from a tree or bush several hundred yards away from your home can damage your home's plumbing system if they break into your pipes. Surprising? Yes. True? Absolutely!

It's called root intrusion, and it can create a major blockage in your line.

"Trees and shrubs seek water to grow, and pipes provide the perfect environment, "says Mary Kennedy Thompson, president of the Mr. Rooter Corporation. "Roots are even drawn to unbroken pipes because of condensation and will grow alongside and around the pipe to lap up the moisture."

There is a misconception that roots are the problem, but Thompson says the problem is actually the pipe because the roots cannot get in the pipe unless there is a crack or bad joint. The older the pipe, the more susceptible it is to cracks, breaks and deformations.

A possible sign of root intrusion is a sudden back up or flooding of the lowest plumbing fixture in the house. When you fill a bathtub or shower with water and let it drain, look for this warning signal:

If you don't see the water exiting in a swirling, cyclonic action, it might be a good time to call a qualified, licensed plumber.

Mr. Rooter utilizes the most current technology to specialize in sewer and drain maintenance, repair and replacement.

"Those who suspect root intrusion need information to make the best decision to protect their homes,"Thompson explains. "We offer our drain cleaning customers sewer camera inspections to properly identify the problem and provide solutions."

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Emergency Plumbing Service in Atlanta

Emergency Plumbing Service in Atlanta

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